Can all jewelry be engraved?

Almost all of our jewelry can be engraved, you can do this at the product pages. Pick an engraving that fits you best and make your piece an original one by adding the names of your kids on the backside. Choose a smiley that reflects your kids’ character and always keep your most precious possessions close.

The basic price is stated by every piece of jewelry and includes the engraving on the front side. Add € 10 for a personalised back

If you have any questions about a specific piece of jewelry from our collection, please contact connect@supermomantwerp.com

How to clean a gold jewel (with or without diamonds)?

A gold jewel only needs lukewarm soap with water and detergent or green soap. Clean it with a soft (clean!) toothbrush and dry it with a soft flannel cloth. Do not use paper towels to prevent scratches.

Another way to make your jewel shine again is to take a bit of cold water with a splash of ammonia. Place the jewel in the water for half an hour and then rinse under running water and polish with a soft flannel cloth.

Avoid contact with rough surfaces in order to avoid scratches.

And always … Handle with care…

How is my package shipped?

Our jewelry is always packed and shipped with the greatest care. Our shipments are only sent with a tracking number. As soon as we send you the package, you will receive an e-mail with a tracking number. That way you can always locate your package.

What happens to my personal data?

Please check our privacy policy here.

Can purchased jewelry be returned?

Yes, they can. You can invoke the right of withdrawal within a period of 14 calendar days, without having to state a reason.
Please note that products can only be returned if they are unworn, together with the guarantee certificate and in the original packaging. Supermom Antwerp reserves the right to refuse return shipments if these conditions are not met.

Also note that the right of withdrawal expires for jewelry personalized with engravings.

How to determine my ring size?

You can easily determine your own ring size with our Ring Sizer.

How to determine my chain size?

You can easily determine your chain size with our Chain Sizer.